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Club Championships 2018 – making the best of a tough week

Our annual Club Championship was contested this past weekend, which marked my first stroke play tournament since last year's Club Championship. The Club Championship is every club golfer's major. For me it is always circled on my calendar early in the season. If I could only play stellar for one week all season, I'd pick Club Championship week. The problem with being pumped up for an event is that golf is a sick and twisted game.

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Owning Your Mental Game

After I published my Goals for the 2017 Golf Season, I had several followers ask me to "reveal my hand" and expand on my mental game routine referenced in that post. I am not an expert in human psychology, but I do take a keen interest in it. Even in the most common social encounters I like to observe behaviours and body language (including my own) because I find it fascinating how our minds work and react. When it comes to golf I find it even more fascinating and I always take inventory of my thoughts in an effort to correlate them with performance. A few of my own observations:

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Club Championships 2016 – learning from my best result to date

The best weekend of the year for the working amateur golfer is now behind us -- the Club Championship. It had been 362 days since my last competitive stroke-play round at last year's Club Championship, so I was filled with both excitement and a few nerves to kick off the pinnacle event of the season ...

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The Beauty of Match Play – Riley’s Best Ball Update

Match play might be my favourite form of golf. There is something exhilarating about going head-to-head against an opponent, where each hole feels like a match within the match, and momentum can change faster than a two year old's mood. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am teamed up with my instructor, Fred Teno, in the Riley's two man best-ball match play event, organized by the Calgary Golf Association. I'm happy to report that we have had some early success.

Club Championships 2015

This past weekend was the annual Club Championship tournament at our home club. For anyone involved in a golf club, the Club Championship is usually the flagship event which players look forward to the most. They put on a great event at our club, and it's about much more than just the golf. There are some fun … Continue reading Club Championships 2015