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Crushing the Off-Season

As a golfer in Canada, learning how to embrace and make the most of the off-season is essential to my sanity. Although the end of another golf season can feel like a bummer, I also look forward to the off-season and all of the opportunities that come with it. I recently saw a comment from DM Golf Performance on Facebook that reminded me of the importance of having an off-season:

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Club Championships 2016 – learning from my best result to date

The best weekend of the year for the working amateur golfer is now behind us -- the Club Championship. It had been 362 days since my last competitive stroke-play round at last year's Club Championship, so I was filled with both excitement and a few nerves to kick off the pinnacle event of the season ...

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The Beauty of Match Play – Riley’s Best Ball Update

Match play might be my favourite form of golf. There is something exhilarating about going head-to-head against an opponent, where each hole feels like a match within the match, and momentum can change faster than a two year old's mood. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am teamed up with my instructor, Fred Teno, in the Riley's two man best-ball match play event, organized by the Calgary Golf Association. I'm happy to report that we have had some early success.

Timeless mindset in golf

A Timeless Mindset for Golf

When I think back to playing golf as a kid, I can't recall any bad memories. The first things that come to mind are holing clutch putts, being on winning teams, and truly loving when I found myself in a tough spot near the green so I could show off my touch. Of course, this wasn't always the case. There were plenty of bad shots, plenty of defeats, and I didn't get it up-and-down from that tough spot every time. The cool thing about the mind of a kid is that those things aren't filed away carefully for future consideration like they are once we're adults ...

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Road to Scratch Update: Early Season Glory

You likely thought that "early season glory" would involve a new personal best or something miraculous. Well, it does involve something miraculous -- it is only mid-April in Calgary, it feels like summer, and I already have 4 rounds under my belt. That may be a record for this time of year, as it wouldn't be abnormal to … Continue reading Road to Scratch Update: Early Season Glory

Simply Golf Calgary

Learning the Importance of Club Fitting with Simply Golf

This past Friday I visited Lyle Helland at Simply Golf in Calgary to have my golf clubs fitted for the upcoming season. I chose Simply Golf because everyone I talked to in the golf industry unanimously agreed that Lyle is the most knowledgeable guy around when it comes to club fitting. We got started by filling in a detailed form about my golf game. Lyle took a genuine interest in my game and left no stone unturned when it came to understanding it, what my concerns were, and what my goals as a golfer are.

Setting goals for 2016

Road to Scratch Update: Goal Setting for the 2016 Golf Season

I recently wrote an article for Offcourse Golf -- Goal Setting for Golfers 101 -- which kicked me into high gear to set goals for the 2016 season. Approaching a new golf season is the best. Everyone is full of optimism and thinks to themselves "THIS IS THE YEAR". The year that everything comes together. Optimism is a great start, but it's tough for optimism alone to turn another average season into a great season ...