How Body Language Can Improve Your Golf Game

When someone is feeling confident, it's common sense that it's likely accompanied by good posture, a smile, eye contact, and maybe even a bounce in their step. Conversely when someone isn't feeling confident, they may have poor posture, will talk quietly, and are more likely to drag their feet when they walk. Is confident body language simply a … Continue reading How Body Language Can Improve Your Golf Game

Golf: Mental or Physical?

I saw a tweet today that caught my eye and provoked a lot of thought about the mental and physical aspects of golf. Obviously it's intended to be humorous and possibly poke fun at the frenzy of mental game preachers out there who claim the only thing holding you back is your mental game. … Continue reading Golf: Mental or Physical?

Playing Golf Like a Kid

Last weekend I played in a two day stroke play tournament out at Cottonwood Golf and Country Club, a private course located near Calgary, Alberta. Although I was going into the tournament without any expectations, I was looking to take some lessons learned from Club Championships and apply them over the weekend. Unfortunately, my scores … Continue reading Playing Golf Like a Kid

The Going Low Mentality

When my good buddy and golf professional Myles Johnson from Spallumcheen Golf and Country Club read my latest post about side bets providing a source of motivation on the golf course, he offered an additional suggestion. He told me, "Set a low number with a friend, and any time one of you shoots that number … Continue reading The Going Low Mentality

Protecting Your Golf Ego: Where’s The Line?

All golfers protect their egos to varying degrees. Some are rock solid while others are delicate flowers that need constant nurturing. Some egos are inflated beyond reality and some are deflated beyond reality. In our own way, we all try and protect our golfing egos in an attempt to keep our confidence high. How we view … Continue reading Protecting Your Golf Ego: Where’s The Line?

Golf Warm Up – Getting Your Round Started Right

Although I try my best to ignore what other people are doing on the range, I can't help but notice on occasion how other people perform their golf warm up before a round. I'll often notice fellow amateurs sabotaging themselves during their pre-round warm up. I've seen clubs thrown, self degrading curses after poor shots, … Continue reading Golf Warm Up – Getting Your Round Started Right