2019 Major Championship Predictions

I'm a sucker for punishment, so I'm marching on with my tradition of trying to prematurely predict each major champion for the entire year with Golf is Mental’s 6th annual Major Championship Predictions. Last year wasn't my best season for predictions, but that's golf. It's all about how we bounce back, right? I'm feeling rested after an enjoyable off-season, my lift cycles are dialed in, and I'm starting to get my competitive feels back. Here we go.

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2018 Major Championship Predictions

The tradition of trying to prematurely predict each major champion for the entire year continues with Golf is Mental's 5th annual Major Championship Predictions. I seem to do this earlier and earlier each year, because sometimes in golf the less time you spend grinding over something and the less info you try to process, the better.

Dear employer – it’s Masters Week, capiche?

Do you have a minute? I was wondering if you could minimize your spreadsheets and set aside your day timer for a few seconds to hear me out. First, I appreciate everything you do for me. You work hard to keep the company running and provide us the opportunity to earn money so we can put food on the table and take our families on vacation. Trust me, I appreciate the opportunity to occupy this job, but here’s the deal. It’s Masters Week, and there are a few things you should know.

The Masters: So much more than a golf tournament 

A 21 year old Tiger Woods stands on the 18th green of Augusta National, dawning a red sweater with a giddy yet focused smile on his face. He goes through his usual putting routine and brushes in a 3-footer to secure his 12-stroke victory over the field and win his first major -- the 1997 … Continue reading The Masters: So much more than a golf tournament 

2015 Major Championship Predictions

It's getting to that exciting time of year when we writers pretend we know what we are talking about and try predict the future. That's right, major championship season is almost upon us! With The Masters only 3 weeks away, I figured this would be a good time to humiliate myself again with some moderately … Continue reading 2015 Major Championship Predictions

2014 Major Championships Predictions

It's still pretty early in the 2014 season, but Augusta is going to come quick for a lot of players and the major championships will be underway. Tiger has looked rusty. So has Phil. Rory's game seems to be coming around. Adam Scott was playing terrific golf and is now on hiatus. Even Sergio chalked … Continue reading 2014 Major Championships Predictions