Golf is mental at Talking Rock

Embracing the spirit of the game

No matter why you play or where you play the game, consistently striking a golf ball towards your target with the distance, trajectory, and shape you want will never be easy. You'll inevitably face adversity, feel pressure, experience moments of doubt, and realize that every moment isn't always fun.  And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Storey Creek Golf

For the Love of the Game

I play golf because I love the game and everything that comes along with playing it -- time with friends/family, exercise, challenge, purpose, and a post-round beer, to name only a few things. This doesn't mean there aren't sporadic feelings of frustration and betrayal.  Most of us who play the game, in many ways, experience the emotions of being in a lopsided relationship. It feels at times as though we love golf more than golf loves us. We put so much into it and at times get nothing back on the scorecard. When it feels like golf is betraying us, we swear coming off the 18th green that we need to take a break, just to wake up the next morning with renewed optimism, that our next effort or tweak will encourage golf to be more faithful to us.