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Road to Scratch Update: Setting Goals for the 2017 Golf Season

Seems like each year I start setting my golf goals for the upcoming season earlier and earlier. Although our golf season here in Alberta doesn't typically start until around April, there are plenty of things that can be done during the winter to get yourself in a position to have a stellar golf season. The daunting part about a commitment to improve your golf game is that there are no straightforward formulas to do it. You can't just Google a "couch to scratch" training program...

The Anatomy of Greatness by Brandel Chamblee

Book Review: The Anatomy of Greatness by Brandel Chamblee

There is a plethora of golf instruction information and quick tips out there -- books, magazines, websites, tweets, YouTube videos -- you name it. I typically ignore most of it. Why? Well, how does someone who has never watched me swing a golf club know what I need to do to improve? However, there are some quality instructional books out there which have caught my eye and I couldn't help but pick it up ...

Setting goals for 2016

Road to Scratch Update: Goal Setting for the 2016 Golf Season

I recently wrote an article for Offcourse Golf -- Goal Setting for Golfers 101 -- which kicked me into high gear to set goals for the 2016 season. Approaching a new golf season is the best. Everyone is full of optimism and thinks to themselves "THIS IS THE YEAR". The year that everything comes together. Optimism is a great start, but it's tough for optimism alone to turn another average season into a great season ...

Introducing a New Contributor – Beth’s Year-In-Review

Hi! I’m Beth. Many of Josh’s loyal readers will know who I am, but I thought it was high time for a proper introduction. I’m an avid golfer, I love to cook and am a self-proclaimed pie baking expert. I’m an engineer-by-day, and Josh’s better half…right Josh? Josh has encouraged me to become a contributor and get a woman’s perspective on the Golf is Mental Blog, and what better way to start than to give you an update on my golfing season ...

Getting Fit with DM Golf Performance

Getting fit for golf isn't just about out-driving your friends and lower scores. It's also about general well-being, enhanced enjoyment, and longevity. In my latest Road to Scratch post, I talked about recovering from injury, which had a significant impact on my game. Making a full recovery from injury is one thing, but taking steps to prevent it from happening again in the future is equally important to me. This is where DM Golf Performance comes in ...

Road to Scratch Update: Bouncing Back and Keeping Perspective

In a recent post about this year’s Club Championship, I shed some light on my physical struggles with my lower back, glute and leg. It has been a slow and steady process, but I'm happy to report I'm back on the golf course enjoying the game I love. I've turned a corner in the past week and, for the first time in a while, have felt good enough to get several full rounds in ...

Road to Scratch Update: The answers are in the dirt

It's been an interesting golf season so far. I've never felt more confident in the direction my game is going, but my handicap index has been stalled in the 5's. As per my season goals, I am not dwelling on my handicap, but it doesn't hurt to pause and take inventory. My low score of … Continue reading Road to Scratch Update: The answers are in the dirt

Road To Scratch Update: Setting Goals for the 2015 Golf Season

Setting goals is an important step in achieving anything beyond ordinary. Most people know in the back of their mind what they want to achieve, but that doesn't constitute goal setting. It's important to write goals down, and break them down into smaller short-term components to pave the pathways to your bigger, longer term goals. … Continue reading Road To Scratch Update: Setting Goals for the 2015 Golf Season

Golf Lesson #4: Swing Check-Up and Short Game

Beth and I had our fourth lesson with Fred this past Monday and continued to work on our game. I wanted Fred to have another look at my iron game quickly, but was mostly focused on starting to work on my short game as the majority of my lost strokes this spring have been inside … Continue reading Golf Lesson #4: Swing Check-Up and Short Game