A Unique Perspective on Dress Codes in Golf

I grew up in a small Saskatchewan town of about 1,400 people. I learned to play golf with the help of my Dad on a 9 hole municipal golf course. There were no dress codes. Heck, there weren't even tee times. It was a great place to grow up and learn the game. It was inexpensive, ridiculously accessible, and you could show up any time and wear anything you wanted, as long as you were wearing something. Courses like this are important for the game ...

Golf Etiquette Fail: Don’t Be That Guy!

The inspiration for this post comes from my buddy Matt over at Simple Vines (http://simplevines.com/) who is a golf fanatic in addition to a wine fanatic. He went out for his first round of the season with his brother last week and had an interesting story to tell me which covered a plethora of golf … Continue reading Golf Etiquette Fail: Don’t Be That Guy!