What Inspires You to Play Golf?

Inspiration to play golf

As the end of Canadian golf season starts to creep up, I have started to reflect back on the season and my goals, and what it will take to continue to improve through the upcoming off-season. As I thought about this, I simultaneously started to ponder why exactly I am inspired to do this. What…

Miura KM-006 Putter Review

Miura KM-006 LH putter

Miura Golf makes writing equipment reviews a lot of fun.  When I get a Miura club in my hands, the quality craftsmanship is immediately apparent, and it is exciting to convey that feeling to the world. Testing the KM-006 left-handed putter was no exception. As you’ve probably noticed from my other reviews on Miura Golf products, I have had a lot…

Olympic Golf already feels like a winner

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about golf in the Olympics. I wasn’t always sure what to think about it, or how it would go over. When marquee players were lining up to announce they wouldn’t be participating, I had mixed emotions from disappointment to complete understanding to not really caring that much. Unlike The Masters or the Ryder Cup, Olympic Golf wasn’t circled on my calendar this year.

Then, the Olympics started …

Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club – a timeless Canadian gem

Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club

It was a very overdue trip, but we finally made our way up to scenic Jasper, Alberta last week to play one of Canada’s highest regarded courses — Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club. It was approximately a 4.5 hour drive from Calgary, and the trek between Lake Louise and Jasper along Highway 93 is one of the most scenic drives you can experience …

Trees and the Golf Course – a complicated relationship

TPC Harding Park 16

Trees can be beautiful. They absorb potentially harmful gasses and release oxygen into our atmosphere. They provide habitat and food for animals. You can hang a hammock between two trees and have a nap, or you can take refuge on a warm summer day in the shade generated by a tree.

Trees are everywhere, including the golf course (with some exceptions, of course). Unlike the trees in the park which you may not pay much attention to, a tree on a golf course — the type, location, and the way it is maintained — plays a significant role.

Never Give Up: 2016 Low-Handicap Match Play

Peak Performance golf Rain jacket

Golf is a crazy game sometimes (most of the time). One day you have it and the next you might not. We’ve all had moments during a round, match or tournament where things were slipping and the outlook felt bleak. This past weekend at our club’s Low Handicap Match Play tournament, I encountered this feeling multiple…