A Casual 9, Episode 3: Leah Bathgate

Alberta Golf Tour Leah Bathgate

For my third installment of A Casual 9, I’m pleased to introduce the Founder and President of the Alberta Golf Tour, Leah Bathgate. Her tremendous efforts to start the Alberta Golf Tour from the ground up have made it possible for amateur golfers of any skill level to feel like a pro and have their own season-long tournament circuit. Leah’s energy and drive to make a positive impact on the game is contagious. Please enjoy.


Review: The Glencoe Golf and Country Club (Forest Course)

Glencoe golf and country club forest course

The Glencoe Golf and Country Club is located a few minutes west of Calgary, Alberta and has been one of the city’s premiere private golf clubs since 1984. The property boasts 45 holes of golf, including two 18 hole championship courses, a 9 hole course, and arguably the best practice facility around.

This review is for the more difficult and well-known of the two championship courses — The Forest Course. I actually played the Forest Course last summer when I teamed up with my father-in-law for an inter-club match, and probably delayed writing this review to suppress memories of the shellacking we received…

A Casual 9, Episode 2: Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk

Lisa Longball

For Episode 2 of A Casual 9 I am ecstatic and humbled to have 7-time Canadian Women’s Long Drive Champion Lisa “Longball” Vlooswyk join me.

In addition to being a Long Drive Champion, Lisa is also a keynote speaker, golf journalist, instructor and golf celebrity for corporate events. Lisa talks about her inspiring journey getting into golf, competition, growing the game, hitting it longer, and more. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am sure you will too.

Dear employer – it’s Masters Week, capiche?

Do you have a minute? I was wondering if you could minimize your spreadsheets and set aside your day timer for a few seconds to hear me out. First, I appreciate everything you do for me. You work hard to keep the company running and provide us the opportunity to earn money so we can put food on the table and take our families on vacation.

Trust me, I appreciate the opportunity to occupy this job, but here’s the deal. It’s Masters Week, and there are a few things you should know.

Review: PGA West Stadium Course

PGA West Stadium Course

My brother-in-law, Matt Beauchamp, has been down south the past several weeks where he has caddied in two LPGA events and even found some time to hit the links himself. He had the chance to play the PGA West Stadium Course and was kind of enough to share his thoughts and photos of the experience. Please enjoy.

A Casual 9, Episode 1: Roger Kingkade

Roger Kingkade Offcourse Golf

I am pleased to introduce a new series on the blog — A Casual 9 — where I prod smart and important people in the industry with 9 super great questions in hopes their answers and ideas provide value and a new dimension of content to the reader. Like a casual 9 holes of golf, it is intended to be fun and entertaining without taking up too much of your time.

I am stoked to kick it off with a name Calgary knows and loves – Roger Kingkade. Roger spent 10 years on the radio making commutes and workdays much more enjoyable for Calgarians. His recent exit from radio has freed up time to work on his entrepreneurial swagger. Roger is the founder of Offcourse Golf and has a tremendous perspective on business and golf. Please enjoy.

2017 Major Championship Predictions

Time for the 4th annual ‘Josh Embarrasses Himself By Trying to Predict Major Winners for the Season’ post. With Masters Week a couple weeks away, I am getting fired up for major championship season and I know you are too.

I proudly predicted 0 out of 4 winners in last year’s predictions, so I am due for a big year this year…

Review: The Springs Country Club

The Springs Country Club Palm Springs

The Springs Country Club is a private golf course located in Rancho Mirage, where we were invited to play by our friend, Sharon, who hangs out there for the winter months. Playing The Springs was one of the highlights of our trip and it was great to be able to play another one of the beautiful golf courses in the area…

Owning Your Mental Game

The vintage club

After I published my Goals for the 2017 Golf Season, I had several followers ask me to “reveal my hand” and expand on my mental game routine referenced in that post.

I am not an expert in human psychology, but I do take a keen interest in it. Even in the most common social encounters I like to observe behaviours and body language (including my own) because I find it fascinating how our minds work and react.

When it comes to golf I find it even more fascinating and I always take inventory of my thoughts in an effort to correlate them with performance. A few of my own observations: