Going Low

The Mental Game

Getting the most out of our game is easier said than done. Golf is mental, after all. Nobody has it all figured out, but the more we learn about ourselves and how our minds work, the closer we’ll get. Here are some things I’ve spewed onto the blog that you may enjoy:

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Expectations in Golf
The Confidence Jar – Maintaining Confidence In Golf
Golf Warm Up – Getting Your Round Started Right
The Grateful Golfer
How Body Language Can Improve Your Golf Game
The Improvement Zone
Protecting Your Golf Ego: Where’s the line?
Owning Your Mental Game

Tips for Beginners

Great reads for those who are thinking about taking up the game, or those who are still early in their glorious golfing journey.

10 Mistakes You Can Avoid
How Body Language Can Improve Your Golf Game
Selecting the Right Golf Instructor for You
A Unique Perspective on Dress Codes in Golf

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