My name is Josh and I love golf. I am also the founder of this blog.

I started playing the game on a small town municipal golf course when I was too young to even walk an entire 9 holes, so my Dad would end up carrying both me and our golf bags. Thanks Dad.

I’m always striving to be better at golf. I am especially intrigued by the mental challenges of the game and the parallels between golf and life. I’m currently a 4-handicap with the goal to become a scratch golfer. I think you can learn something from every swing of every round.

I started Golf is Mental as a way to share my thoughts and experiences in order to connect with and help like-minded people who are passionate about the game. I am fortunate to have a beautiful wife named Beth to share many of these adventures with. She also keeps me in check by bettering me on the scorecard quite often.

The Golf is Mental lifestyle is more than just bringing a strong mental game and making light of how crazy our game can be. It represents the passion we all share for the game. A round of golf may only be 4 hours, but being a golfer extends far beyond that. On and off the course, golf lives in our minds and creates a commonality between us all.

Golf isn’t just a game we play, it’s a lifestyle.

Please enjoy.


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Josh at Victoria Golf Club
Maiden voyage at Pebble Beach
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Beth out in the country at Sundre Golf Club

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Aloha Josh,
    I like your blog and will be following. Also I admire your long term plan of getting up playing golf everyday. But your shorter term plan of a 3 month golf trip has me envious – that sounds fantastic.
    Come play golf with me.
    A Hui Hou,

    1. Aloha, Wayne!

      I appreciate the kind words. A trip to Hawaii is next on the list after our 3 month road trip, it would be great if we could tee it up! Look forward to following your blog as well and discussing how fun this crazy game is!


    1. Thank you! Would love to play a round of golf together. My home base is in Calgary, Canada, but travel plans are always in the works. Appreciate you stopping by.


  2. Hi Josh, nice blog you have. I used to live in Alberta, did a degree at U of A. Much better weather here in Australia though!! Ha Ha. Hoping to go back there with my wife to show her the Rockies and for me to play Banff Springs and Jasper Park. Interested in Kananaskis though. Seems like a very scenic place. Is it better than anything in Calgary? Blackhawk in Edmonton?

    1. Hi Chausson,

      Thanks for reaching out! I did my degree at U of A as well. Banff and Jasper are obviously must plays, and with Kananaskis reopening, both courses there are a must too…got to play a media day preview in the fall and it was awesome. I’d play there before most courses in Calgary, especially as a visitor to take in more of the Rockies. Most of the best courses in Calgary are private. D’Arcy Ranch south of Calgary is amazing though, and Heritage Pointe is pretty good. Haven’t played much golf in Edmonton but Blackhawk is supposed to be one of the best courses in the province if you can get on (also private I believe)…if I think of anything else I’ll let you know. Hope you have a great trip!


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