The Hat Shop is Live

I am pumped to finally announce a little project I’ve been working on lately – The Golf is Mental Hat Shop.


I wanted to give my faithful subscribers the first look at The Hat Shop before announcing it on social media, so here it is. You can visit the shop at this link: or you can also find the shop in the menu at the top of the site.

I hope you dig what I’ve created so far. Stay tuned for more styles, designs, and colors coming in the near future. Whether you choose to sport a hat or not, I always appreciate the support you continue to show this little blog. A special shout out to my boy Tommy Dodge of TD Design who has helped bring my crazy ideas to life.

As of right now, I am only shipping within Canada (update: now shipping to both Canada and USA!), but am working towards launching beyond that in the coming weeks.

If you’re local to Calgary, you can contact me regarding a discount code to remove the shipping cost and to arrange to pick up your order in person.


Happy golfing!


10 thoughts on “The Hat Shop is Live

    1. Thanks, Brian! That’s not a terrible idea, haha! Will have to ask the father-in-law who actually used to game it 😉


  1. I love the persimmons and would buy one of the hats if they came in a soft cap/baseball brim. Do you have plans to produce any standard style hats?

    1. Hey Debbie,

      Thanks for the feedback! The plan is definitely to expand into more hat styles to suit everyone. As I’m just starting out, I’m trying to gauge interest and feedback in the styles before expanding too much, so this feedback is much appreciated.


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