Our 10 Most Popular Posts of 2016

After 2015 exceeded my expectations in both life and blogging, I had wondered at times if 2016 would be a let down. Would I have anything to write about that could possibly compare to our 2015 adventures?

Turns out I found a few things to write about in 2016 and even though blog traffic in 2015 started to blow away my expectations, traffic in 2016 somehow exceeded that by 65%. So what managed to catch the most attention from you, the reader?

Here are our most popular posts published in 2016 (click the titles to read the full post):

10. Review: Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club

Considering that Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club is regarded as one of the best golf courses in Canada, it’s no surprise that readers were interested to see what all the fuss is about.

Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club

9. After Further Review: USGA, Rules of Golf, in desperate need of common sense

I don’t always write about hot topics in professional golf, but when I do, I feel passionate about it. After the USGA’s rules debacle at the 2016 U.S. Open, I couldn’t help but take to my keyboard. Turned out a lot of people agreed with what I had to say.

8. The Miura HB3 Hybrid Review

As you’ll notice as you go down the list, Miura Golf has made quite a stir in my top 10 this year. As I patiently wait for them to offer a left-handed hybrid (and K-wedges *cough cough*), my father-in-law took one for the team and tested the hybrid out for me. It’s safe to say it’s still in his bag.

Miura HB3 Hybrid Review

7. 2016 Major Championship Predictions

An annual tradition at the Golf is Mental Blog is to embarrass myself by trying to predict all the major champions WAY before major championship season begins. There’s room for improvement in 2017…

6. The Best of Maui

Who doesn’t love Hawaii? Our year started with a trip to Maui in January where I did my best to bring back some great tips on golf, food and adventure.

Kapalua Golf Plantation Course Review

5. Road to Scratch Update: Goal Setting for the 2016 Season

Everyone wants to make the upcoming season the best one ever, and goal setting each year can help you do that. Always one of my favorite posts of the year to write as excitement builds for each upcoming golf season.

4. After Further Review: Let Them Play Golf Alone

The decision by the USGA and Golf Canada to not allow solo rounds to count towards your handicap was an issue I felt strongly about, so I wrote about it. Lots of people read it, and nobody openly disagreed with me. Makes you wonder what they’re thinking.

3. Miura KM-006 Putter Review

Let’s just say this putter has not left my bag since I received it right before our 2016 Club Championship. Not surprised at all this review piqued a lot of interest from avid equipment junkies.

Miura KM-006 LH putter

2. Book Review: The Anatomy of Greatness by Brandel Chamblee

Whether you typically agree with him or not, when Brandel speaks, it’s hard not to be curious what he’s going to say. This was an easy review to write since I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

The Anatomy of Greatness by Brandel Chamblee

1. Miura Cavity Y-Grind Iron Review

Arguably the best in the game, it was hard to say enough good things about the Miura Y-grind irons. Like the putter, they have remained in my bag since I received this set. Trust me, this is not a plug. The stuff speaks for itself once you try it. There are clearly a lot of curious people out there drooling over Miura for this to be my most viewed post published in 2016.

Miura Y-grind LH iron review

Honorable mentions that nearly cracked the Top 10:

Review: Manele Golf Course
Review: Kapalua Golf – Plantation Course
In His Own Words: A day in the life of a rookie LPGA caddy
10 Common Sayings You Shouldn’t Apply to Golf
Trees and the Golf Course – a complicated relationship

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Happy golfing and thanks for reading!


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  1. It must be nice to know that people are reading your work Josh. I wish I could relate. Jokes aside, your blog is magic. Love it.

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