What Inspires You to Play Golf?

As the end of Canadian golf season starts to creep up, I have started to reflect back on the season and my goals, and what it will take to continue to improve through the upcoming off-season. As I thought about this, I simultaneously started to ponder why exactly I am inspired to do this. What inspires me to not only play golf, but to work hard at it, set goals, and then put myself out there by spewing things all over my blog.

My Dad introduced me to golf at a very young age. I grew up spending the winters at the hockey rink and summers on the golf course. My competitiveness originated from hockey and carried over nicely to the golf course. I idolized Tiger Woods and he drove me to want to be the best I can be. I dabbled in most sports, but the one that stuck with me year-in and year-out, through thick and thin, was golf.

Regardless of how much we think we change during adulthood, ultimately, the core of who we are is shaped the most by our childhoods. When we’re kids, we’re like blobs of warm play dough being shaped by our experiences. As we grow older, the play dough becomes firmer, and I don’t just mean our six-pack abs. Life events can influence our outlooks, we are driven to learn and try new things, we work at becoming better people, but for the most part, we are who we are at the core.

Many of my fondest memories as a kid were on the golf course. It played a big role in shaping the core of who I am today. Exhilarating memories of that first par, birdie, and eagle. Memories of pretending I had just won my 4th major in a row on the 9th green of my small town muni. Memories of using golf as a vehicle to spend quality time with friends and family, as well as learning to appreciate solitude when there was nobody to play with.

Even as a kid, the golf course was a safe haven. No homework, no chores, no worrying about the future. Just you and the smell of freshly cut grass, with a white ball you’re trying to get into a hole, which is challenging and frustrating enough to take your mind off all those other things for a few hours and let you be who you really want to be — a carefree kid having fun. At least for those few hours, nothing about the world sucked except the odd missed 3-footer.

So what inspires me to play golf?

For me, it’s not what, but who.

It’s the small town kid who shapes the core of who I am today. The kid who truly believed the sky was the limit and still tries to convince me of that. The kid who I still feel like every time I step on the first tee. The kid who fell in love with golf and will be forever grateful for it.

Or maybe I’m just a sucker for punishment.

So what, or who, inspires you to play golf?

Inspiration to play golf

Happy golfing!


22 thoughts on “What Inspires You to Play Golf?

    1. Hey Jimmy,

      I figured you would relate — particularly to being inspired by Tiger Woods. I think we were in that perfect age range when he came onto the scene to be especially captivated. Very cool that your grandfather got you playing golf!


  1. As the end of my first year playing with a course membership comes to a close, I’ve been thinking a lot about why I play golf and what inspires me to play. This post comes at a very appropriate time. Personally, I have a strong will to get better, but I also like the comradery of playing with a group of friends or family. I’ve enjoyed playing at my course this year, but at times have lamented not having a group of people to consistently play with. Having that group to constantly push you, and to play a nassau or two with is an aspect of golfing I truly enjoy.

    1. Hey Matt,

      The comradery is definitely one of the great things about golf. Finding that regular group to play with is a great source of motivation. You build up a history and rivalry that almost makes it feel like your own little PGA Tour. It can take time to find that when starting out at a new course.


  2. Aloha Josh,
    Great post. As for me, I was 37 years old before I ever set foot on a golf course. The firm I worked for had reorganized, I got a bunch of additional employees and needed to do some Team Building. I figured that taking them out on a golf course and letting them laugh at me would be a good start. It worked … and it still does.
    A Hui Hou,

    1. Aloha Wayne,

      That is fantastic buddy. Golf is a great way to do business, network with people, or bring a group closer together. You’re a smart man for doing it, and continuing to network on the golf course. Thanks!!


  3. What inspires me to play and get back to the game is to be able to rekindle many of those memorable times we shared when you were growing up. I know I will never be great; but enjoying the green grass, blue sky, and mostly time with you son is absolutely priceless.

    1. Thanks Dad! Spending quality time with people, the green grass and blue skies are the greatest things about golf. It’s not often I tee it up and don’t think back to where it all started with you and I out at Riverside.

  4. I was never interested in golf. I played tennis, volleyball and badminton in high school as well as running track. But when I moved to Bermuda for work all my British and American friends would go golfing every weekend and they invited me to come out and play. I did and I liked the game. In addition a young phenom by the name of Tiger Woods was making his hello world statement. I was caught up in the game and I though TW was the bomb. And the Golf Channel was a new and burgeoning tv service. I couldn’t get enough. Since then I am so happy that I got into this game. It’s a game I can take with me for the rest of my life. Thanks for golf.

  5. For me Josh, and think many others, when we talk about getting the golfing bug and what inspires us to play more is that inner competition with ourselves, the fact that no matter how well you have played and how good a score you have posted there is always that fluffed chip, missed putt or dogged drive that could have been improved on and your score could have just been that one stroke better… that in itself leads to the post round analysis in the clubhouse and of course the age old truism that the better the you play and the more confident you become the closer you are to playing badly and trying to do too much when out on the course! It’s a vicious circle but one that keeps us coming back!

    1. Hey James,

      Thanks for weighing in! You bring up a lot of good points…that cycle always keeps us coming back, and creates an addiction of sorts! Appreciate the comment.


  6. I agree with you completely. I love to use golf as both a social occasion and relaxation time. Because all that matters is the next shot, I am able to focus on the game and enjoy the surroundings.

    One thing that it took me a while to learn is that much of golf is muscle memory. If you overthink your shot it likely won’t go where you hope. Using a pre-swing routine, and lots of practice, have allowed me to make the shot without undue stress.

    Chuck @ The QATSPY Golf Approach

    1. Hey Chuck,

      Thanks for the comment! You’re very right, getting out of your own way and just letting your body do what it already knows how to do is the key…easier said than done, but always something to strive towards!


  7. What inspires me to play golf? Physical activity in beautiful surroundings. Check. Social interaction on the course and in the clubhouse. Check. Taking on the challenges offered by the course, playing partners and the golfing gods. Check. But what I (and I suspect most of us) find perhaps most inspiring is, however rarely it might happen, to take a club out of the bag and hit a shot that even Rory McIlroy would be proud of. Not many other sports offer that kind of opportunity and I for one find that inspiring! Cheers, Rob.

    1. Hey Rob,

      That is fantastic! It is interesting how the intricacies of what inspire us the most to play golf can be a bit different, but in the end it all brings us together to enjoy all that makes golf the greatest game in the world. I appreciate you weighing in!


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