Miura KM-006 Putter Review

Miura Golf makes writing equipment reviews a lot of fun.  When I get a Miura club in my hands, the quality craftsmanship is immediately apparent, and it is exciting to convey that feeling to the world. Testing the KM-006 left-handed putter was no exception.

Miura KM-006 LH putter

As you’ve probably noticed from my other reviews on Miura Golf products, I have had a lot of praise for Katsuhiro Miura,  who forges all of his clubs in the same factory in Himeji, Japan, alongside his sons Yoshitaka and Shinei. They make their clubs one-by-one, using many handcrafted processes, and therefore will never mass-produce them. Quality, personal craftsmanship is always top priority, which is something that isn’t always commonplace in the golf industry.

After I ravaged the box containing my KM-006 putter upon its arrival, it was the first impression I was hoping for — clean, classy, and traditional. I took a few practice strokes and my stroke felt free and smooth, and the head had nice weight.

Miura KM-006 putter

When an employee at the club first saw me with a Miura putter, his reaction was, “Miura makes putters too? That’s awesome”.

Yes, it is awesome.

Now I’m not going to fool you. There are no magic putters out there. A new putter won’t turn a bad putter into a magnificent putter. Having said that, a quality putter that looks and feels just right, as if it is simply an extension of your body, can make a significant difference in your putting. The right putter can instill a golfer with the confidence they need to get their putting to the next level, whether it’s going from poor putting to average putting, or good putting to great putting.

The Miura KM-006 putter has instilled me with that confidence. Do I make everything with it? Of course not, but that’s golf. However, I know that when my mind is in the right place, the putter allows me to make a free, confident stroke, which gives me the best opportunity to putt my best.

Miura KM-006 putter

In fact, right after testing my new Miura putter, I kept it in my bag for my Club Championship last weekend (alongside my trusty Miura Y-grind irons) and had my best finish in the event to date — a T4 finish in the Championship Flight.


Material: mild steel
Process: forged with a milled face
Stock loft: 3 degrees
Stock lie angle: 70 degrees


  • Looks — It’s simply beautiful. A purist’s delight. A classic look with nothing weird or gimmicky.
  • Feel —  the forged head with milled face makes for tremendous feel and sound. The ball rolls off the face very smoothly, and somehow has a soft yet crisp feel.
  • Weighting — I like the heaviness of the putter, but it is not overly heavy. It favors being toe weighted, which encourages a smooth release of the putter.
  • People will be jealous — It’s Miura, so naturally people will be jealous. My instructor, Fred, lusted over it at first sight. If it wasn’t the wrong hand for him, he would probably offer me his soul for it.


  • Cost — they don’t come cheap, but if you can afford it, you’ll get what you pay for.
  • If you prefer a big face-balanced putter, this classic design isn’t for you.

The Miura KM-006 may not be a magic putter, but it is one helluva good one, and one of the best feeling putters I have ever tried. This putter more than holds up its end of the bargain when it comes to making putts — the rest is up to you.

You can visit Miura’s page for more info on the KM-006 putter.



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3 thoughts on “Miura KM-006 Putter Review

    1. Hey Jim,

      It sure is! It has stayed in my bag since first testing it. Rolling it well these days, but the greens are very difficult at our home course so can’t make everything haha …how about you?


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