The Miura HB3 Hybrid Review

As most of us already know, the Miura name has become synonymous with quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and performance.  This was apparent in our reviews of Miura wedges. When the opportunity came up to review the Miura HB3 hybrid (20 degrees of loft), I was very intrigued. Miura also offers an HB4 model which has 23 degrees of loft.

Miura HB3 Hybrid Review

The one drawback of the Miura hybrids is they are currently offered in right-handed models only. Being a left-handed player, I had to go to the Golf is Mental Blog’s entourage of eager right-handed testers.

The chosen one to review the HB3 hybrid was my father-in-law, Gary, an avid 64 year old player who keeps his handicap in the low single digits, and is always striving to get better. He’s a past Club Champion and the reigning Senior Club Champion at his home club. Here is Gary’s review of the Miura HB3 hybrid:


I was lucky enough to get the chance to test a Miura Hybrid HB3 for an extended trial this winter. I’m fortunate that I get to spend the majority of my winter in Palm Desert, California so I was excited to try out the club shortly after Christmas.

I will confess up front that I have never been able to find a hybrid that I could get to perform as well or better than my long irons. I have a bunch of hybrids in my garage to attest to this, however, I am ever-hopeful.

As I warmed up on the range for my first round I went through my normal routine, working my way up to the longer clubs. I got to the Hybrid and here it’s worth mentioning my first impressions.

First, this is a beautiful golf club, with a lustrous black finish on the head, matched with a white Accra shaft. A handsome white leather head cover completes the look.

Second, the face has a noticeable bulge and roll. This makes it look very different from all the others I’ve owned. Right away, I was hitting quality shots with a good launch angle, a solid feel, and the ability to work it both ways.

Miura HB3 Hybrid Review

With the good feeling from the range, I was eager to take it to the course. The second hole was a par 5 and, being a bit rusty, I drove it into the rough — a perfect chance to put the Miura Hybrid to the test. I had a lush lie but there was no feeling of the club getting caught up in the grass and, just like on the range, the club felt very solid and the shot had a good launch angle.

Miura HB3 Hybrid Review

It’s been that way ever since — out of the rough, off tight lies, lush lies, with the ball above my feet, below my feet, and uphill and downhill lies. The only limit on this club appears to be the guy swinging it and I feel that the club has made many of my poorer swings work out much better than the swing felt.

The Miura HB3 Hybrid incorporates a beautiful look with innovative design to make a club that meets all the expectations I’ve been told hybrids are supposed to bring to your bag. It makes me want to try all of Miura’s other clubs.

The only negative of having this club is now I get the vague feeling that the rest of the equipment in my bag is not the best equipment I could have on my own journey to be a scratch golfer.

– Gary


I have never carried a hybrid in my bag, but I have started to become curious about them and how they may help my game. After seeing the Miura hybrid and hearing about Gary’s experience with it, it’s safe to say that I will patiently wait for Miura to come out with a left-handed model before I seriously consider putting a hybrid in my bag.

For more information on the Miura HB3 and HB4 hybrids, feel free to visit Miura Golf.

Happy golfing!



13 thoughts on “The Miura HB3 Hybrid Review

  1. Thanks, Josh
    I was not aware that Miura made hybrids. Your father in law shared great information, but then I’m a hybrid convert. I’d be ashamed to say it if I wasn’t playing the best golf of my life but I have hybrids in the bag from 3-6. My first iron is a 7. The hybrids are can’t miss clubs for me. Next time I’m shopping for clubs I will check out Miura. The investment in quality, based on your informative reviews, sounds like a good consideration.

    I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy the nice western Canada weather.

    Cheers, Mike

    1. Hey Mike,

      That’s interesting to hear about your success with hybrids. Whatever it takes (within the rules) to get the job done! I currently have a gap that is a little too large between my 4-iron and 5-wood…maybe replacing the 5 wood with a hybrid will be the answer.

      Stoked about the weather here. Course opens Thursday, hope to play on Friday in the morning, and then watch The Masters in the afternoon!


      1. Considering Ontario is usually weeks ahead of other parts of the country to start the season I’m glad you’re able to get out and enjoy an early season round. Forecast looks like I’m about 2 weeks out. Your itinerary for Masters Friday is perfect!
        Enjoy the round and the tourney, Mike

  2. Josh,

    I like my 3 hybrid. I was playing 3-4-5 hybrids, until Aug of last year, but found the 4 and 5 hybrids did give me the versatility I wanted, so I changed them back to irons. I will say that exchanging my 5 wood for a 3 hybrid was the smartest move I have made in years. Now the only gap I have is between my ears….haha….sorry could not resist.

    Great review and believe it or not, before I scrolled past the first picture, I said, Josh is left handed and that is a right handed club! Now I see why. 🙂

    Looking forward to the Masters. I agree with Mike that your plan for Friday is awesome!


    1. Hi Jim,

      The gaps between our ears can be the hardest to fill sometimes, haha! Swapping out my 5 wood for a hybrid is something I’ll have to consider…thanks for weighing in!


  3. Interesting review. Your father in law clearly enjoyed his time with the Miura. I took time to love hybrids but this winter have played three X2 Hots at 19, 22 and 25 degrees and took my 5 wood out of the bag. Now not sure if I will change this set up when the summer comes.

    1. Hey Rob,

      He definitely did enjoy it. Sounds like you’ve found some success with it as well, I suppose it can just take some time to adjust. Thanks for the comment!


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