Review: Offcourse Golf Stat Tracker and GPS App

One of my goals for the 2016 season is to diligently track my statistics from each round of golf I play. I believe stat tracking can provide many benefits in the quest to shave extra strokes off your game. With my lofty long term goal of becoming a scratch golfer, I need every little edge I can find.

Stat tracking can provide valuable insight into what costs you the most strokes on the golf course. However, it is important to track statistics in a manner which will lead you to the root cause of what costs you strokes, so you can use that information to work on that part of your game.

This is why my method of choice to track statistics this season is with the Offcourse Golf App, which is free to download from the App Store on your smartphone.

Offcourse Golf App Review

It’s all fine and dandy to know you hit 50% of the greens in regulation, but what good is that stat if you don’t know the root cause of the 50% you missed? Is it a ball striking problem, is it because you hit too many tee shots in the trees, or perhaps it is a club selection issue where you find yourself missing greens short or long?

This is part of what is great about the Offcourse App. Without any extra effort, it allows you to not only track stats such as fairways hit and greens in regulation, but specifies how you missed the ones you did. With the intuitive interface, you simply touch the screen on the fairway graphic to indicate where your tee shot went, as well as on the green graphic to indicate whether you hit the green, or missed it short, long, left, or right.

In this example from the opening par-5 at our home course, I missed the fairway right, missed the green in regulation short, and had one putt to save my par. The GPS distance indicates “Far” since I was using the app from home. If I were on the golf course, it would provide a yardage to the green.

Offcourse Golf App Review


On the par-3 2nd hole, I hit the green in regulation and made the putt for birdie.

Offcourse Golf App Review

On the par-4 3rd hole, I hit the fairway, missed the green left into the sand, and had one putt to save my par.

Offcourse Golf App Review


I like how quick and easy it is to have this additional info tracked, which provides a lot more insight than just fairways hit and greens in regulation. It’s easy enough to enter the info while you’re playing, particularly if you’re already using the GPS feature.

As a blogger who already has a lot going on during a round between looking for photo opportunities and making note of things to write about, I prefer to enter my statistics after the round as opposed to during the round, which is another great way to use the app.

What you’re left with after entering your statistics are visual snapshots of your game for either individual rounds, your last 5 rounds, or your last 20 rounds.

Offcourse Golf App Review

Offcourse Golf App Review

Offcourse Golf App Review

There are also more stats available such as sand saves, par 3, 4, and 5 scoring, and birdie, par, bogey, etc percentages.

Another cool thing about the app is that you can add your friends who use the app to your “Tour”, and see scoring updates with their comments in your “Tour Feed” when they post a round. When you add somebody to Your Tour, you’ll show up in their Gallery so they’ll know you’re rooting them on.

My Tour (I could use some more friends in here, hint hint):

Offcourse Golf App Review


My Tour feed:

Offcourse Golf App Review

I’ve never diligently kept track of my statistics before, so I’m excited to get started and use that information to optimize my practice time and convey the information to my instructor, Fred Teno, to help figure out how to best fill the holes in my game.

The Offcourse App not only tracks your statistics, handicap, and provides GPS yardages, but serves as a network for you and your golfing friends to stay updated on how they’re scoring and where they’re playing. This adds a fun dimension and can only help motivate all of us.

Although I’d recommend tracking your statistics, if this isn’t something you want to do regularly, you can still use the app as a free GPS and handicap calculator. You have the option of entering hole-by-hole scoring (without detailed stats), or simply entering your final score in order to track your handicap.

When you download the Offcourse App, don’t forget to add me (Josh Strukoff) to your Tour, and then I’ll add you to mine as well. I would love to keep up with how everyone is doing out on the links this season!

Happy golfing!


10 thoughts on “Review: Offcourse Golf Stat Tracker and GPS App

  1. Josh

    Thanks for the review of this golf app. It is interesting that you are focused on real changes to your game. I believe keeping the proper stats is the way to go. I look forward to hearing about your findings.


  2. Alright Josh. You piqued my curiosity to the point where I am going to download this and test it for the first two months of my playing season. Informed decision making is my approach to purposeful practice and I am hopeful this tool can help with that. I appreciate the honest review and the detail you shared.

    Cheers, Mike

    1. Hey Mike,

      I will be interested to hear what you think of the app, and how it helps you out. I think it’s a pretty cool product, and am also looking forward to seeing the extent in which it can help me when I am diligent about tracking my stats. WWe’ll be finding out at the same time!


  3. Nice post. Stats can be really helpful in developing your game and this sounds like an interesting app. Not one I have tried myself but seems to be worth a look.I have used others in the past and more recently have been trying out the GameGolf tags which link with your phone.

    1. Thank you, Rob! I’m stoked to see how tracking my stats helps me out. I have no doubt it’ll be revealing. The way to track stats is a matter of preference, but I enjoy the interface and visual snapshots the Offcourse app provides, so I plan to stick with it.


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