The Miura K-Wedge Review

I’ve always had trouble with my greenside bunker game. It is somewhat surprising to me that I can be about a 6-handicap, without the confidence that I’ll get out of a greenside bunker on my first try. Oddly enough, I don’t mind fairway bunkers. Sometimes I feel more confident out of a fairway bunker than on some tight fairway lies. However, put me in a greenside bunker and I better say a prayer and hope for the best.

I’ve had lessons and understand the concept. Get a nice low center of gravity, open up that club face, hit the sand and follow all the way through letting the sand toss the ball out of the bunker. I get it, I felt like I was making the right movements – I just never seemed to be able to actually execute it. Just ask Josh, who has watched me many times struggling in the practice bunker without being able to pinpoint anything in particular that I was doing wrong.

Miura K-Wedge Review

I’ve used different clubs and with limited success – Vokeys with low bounce, high-bounce Callaway sand wedges that go with my iron set, my Dad’s old Cleveland lob wedge. The action of “opening the club face” never looked or felt quite right as I was addressing the ball – it always seemed to change the weight center of the club which would throw me off.

Then I had the opportunity to try the Miura K-Wedge. I got it just before the season turned so I only had about one day to try it out, but I can’t tell you how excited I am for spring to get back out there to practice – and who ever says that?


“Fluted” sole grind to reduce resistance through sand and rough
Material: Forged Low Carbon Mild Steel
Loft: 56 degrees
Lie: 63.5 degrees
Bounce: 12 degrees
Shaft: True Temper DG S200 Wedge Shaft

Right from addressing my first sand shot it looked and felt right. I finally understood what it meant to “open the club face” in the sand. The weight in my hands felt perfect. I could open the club face for the shorter shots where I needed to pop it up quick, or keep it a bit more square for the longer shots.

I felt confident to take a big swing and know that the club was going to cut through the sand, not dig in or bounce off the surface. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of confidence it gave me after the first few shots, it was like a switch flipped. I’m not going to pretend my sand game is suddenly perfect, but it is so encouraging to know that I’m going to be able to get it out of the sand the next time I am in there.

Miura K-Wedge Review

Not only that, it’s great out of the rough. Similar to the sand, I can adjust the loft by opening the club face. It was so great I could almost take my 60 degree wedge out of my bag…or maybe I need the Miura 60 degree K-wedge?

Miura K-Wedge Review

The high bounce on this K-Wedge requires a slightly different technique than I’m used to for chipping off the tight fairway lies, but after about 15-20 practice chips I got the feel of it. It was great for shorter chips where you don’t want as much run as your 52 degree wedge.

There honestly aren’t enough good things I can say about this club. This really showed me that the right “tools” can make all the difference. Josh can testify that I was practically giddy after that first day with it. Both he and I were so excited that this club was finally able to help me figure out my bunker game…although I think he might be a bit nervous that I’ve figured this out and might start beating him on a more regular basis.

Check out the video of me testing the Miura K-Wedge out! Josh takes full responsibility for not shooting a wide screen video 😉 He’ll do better next time. You can also visit the Miura Golf website for more info on the K-Wedge, and if you haven’t yet, check out Josh’s review of the Miura New Series Forged Wedge.

Happy golfing (or off-season!)


8 thoughts on “The Miura K-Wedge Review

  1. Beth,

    Being confident with any club is the first step to success on the course. If this club empowers you to play better out of the sand, then you have found something most golfers look for!


  2. Hi Beth, I liked reading this and watching your great golf shots. Who doesn’t love a good golf shot?

    I have only ever had the one set of clubs (beside the ones I bought at a yard sale originally) and while I do love them I think perhaps there are better tools out there for my game. That said only having played for 18 months I think I am too new a golfer to worry about that yet and I should just keep playing and getting more consistent. I have loved some clubs I have tested that I don’t have in my bag that are on a wish list for when I am in the market for new clubs.

    Ah my wish list. That would mean I need to work more and golf less and that is not my plan for 2016.


    1. Hi Tiff, it seems like the golfers wish list is never ending! I don’t change up my clubs very often, but something new (or new to me) can sometimes give me that bit of extra confidence I need!

    1. Maybe, I feel like keeping me hydrated with a steady supply of Mai Tai’s on the beach would help your chances 😉

  3. Great handicap, I assume you simply avoid them. Lol. If this club gives you confidence then go with it. I usually find the type of sand in the bunker and the volume of sand affects requires changes to loft and bounce.

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