9 Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Golfers

With the holiday season almost upon us, we’re all starting to think about gifts for those special people in our lives. If you have a special someone in your life who is a golfer, consider yourself lucky as Christmas and the deadline to buy gifts approaches.

There are a plethora of gift options for the golfer, many of which you’ve probably explored already — golf balls, shirts, towels, tees, and various golf gadgets are all common choices and can make good gifts. However, if you want to surprise them with something creative, here are some great holiday gift and stocking stuffer ideas that will surely win you some points with the golfer in your life.

9. Birdie Flask

A birdie flask can quickly make the golfer in your life the most popular person in their group at the next golf gathering or event. There’s nothing like a shot of birdie “juice” to loosen everyone up. The great thing about a birdie flask is that you can customize it with engraving, so they’ll be reminded of you each time they pull it out to celebrate a birdie.


8. Leather Scorecard/Yardage Book Holder

I received one of these as a thank you gift for being a groomsman in a wedding, and it has come in very handy. They look classy, feel classy, and are practical for golfers who like to carry a scorecard and/or a yardage book around in their pocket. Every time I use it, people in my group ask me where I got it, and wished they had one for themselves.


7. Gift Certificates Towards a Golf Trip

If the golfer in your life loves taking golf trips, they’ll love it even more when they have a little extra credit to plan their next adventure. Whether it is credit with an airline, their favorite hotel, a rental car agency, a club shipping company (i.e. Ship Sticks), or a gift card from a golf resort they frequently visit, this is a gift that will never go to waste.

6. Credit at their Favorite Golf Course

Call up their favorite golf course and ask if you can purchase a gift certificate that will cover some green fees. If they like taking a cart, inquire if the cost of the cart will be covered too. The only thing better than golf, is free golf.

5. Build a Golfer’s Survival Kit

Being prepared for a round of golf is important, so the golfer in your life will love that you’ve got them covered for a while. The kit could include sunscreen (try Golfersskin if you really want to impress them), insect repellent, SPF lip balm, a reusable water bottle, and protein/energy bars (I prefer Cliff bars).

4. A Pouch for Golf Tools

A little pouch or sack to keep change, ball markers, a divot repair tool, lip balm, and whatever else they need for each round of golf. My Dad started using a little Crown Royal pouch, and got me a matching one. It has come in very handy to keep these items from getting lost in my bag, and makes them easy to retrieve and put in my pocket before each round. If you’re crafty, you can even make one yourself and stitch your loved one’s initials on.


3. Unique Headcovers

My wife loves pandas, so I gave her a panda headcover a while back. She named him “Pebbles” (because we love Pebble Beach), and now she can’t imagine a round of golf without Pebbles on the bag. As a bonus, my headcover — Frank the tiger — now has a best buddy. The golfer in your life will appreciate a unique headcover with some meaning, and will have an excuse to ditch the boring old headcover that came with the club.


2. Golf Fitness or Golf Yoga Class

Golf fitness is all the rage these days, so don’t let your beloved golfer get left behind! I’ve been going to DM Golf Performance here in Calgary after receiving a gift card from my in-laws, and it proved to be a great gift. I highly recommend it for those golfers here in Alberta, and for golfers elsewhere, you should be able to find instructors who specialize in golf fitness if you search around. I have also heard good things about golf specific yoga classes.

1. Unique Golf Hats from The Hat Shop

While I may be biased, a golf hat from our Hat Shop is tough to beat. You can buy the same old golf hat with a mainstream golf brand plastered across the front, or you can dive into something cool and unique from a golf small business built on a passion for the game. Each design comes in a trucker, flat brim, and classic fit option to suit every golfer’s tastes.

The Hat Shop now has hand-knit headcovers available as well, which adds to the options for gift idea #3 above.

Golf Christmas gift ideas


Now that your Christmas shopping is all done for the golfers in your lives, kick back, relax, and look forward to how impressed they’ll be that you’re in touch with their golfing needs. You can thank me later.

Happy golfing, and enjoy a fun and safe holiday season!


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