Introducing a New Contributor – Beth’s Year-In-Review

Hi! I’m Beth. Many of Josh’s loyal readers will know who I am, but I thought it was high time for a proper introduction. I’m an avid golfer, I love to cook and am a self-proclaimed pie baking expert. I’m an engineer-by-day, and Josh’s better half…right Josh?

Josh has encouraged me to become a contributor and get a woman’s perspective on the Golf is Mental Blog, and what better way to start than to give you an update on my golfing season.

My golfing season started back in early January on our big road trip where Josh and I tied the knot. Although we golfed a lot, a good portion of it felt like vacation golf to me and I often struggled to focus. I had some good rounds and some mediocre rounds, but every time we were out there we had a lot of fun, which is the whole point. Did I mention I got my first hole-in-one?

Here is a shot of me on the 3rd hole at Spyglass Hill Golf Course, my favorite course of the trip:

Spyglass Hill Golf Course 3rd hole

After a short break in March, I got back out there in mid-April for the beginning of golf season. The beginning of golf season might be my favorite time of year. It is fun going out with low expectations, just trying to get back the feel swinging a golf club and loosening up. I had a great start, shooting a couple scores in the 70’s without thinking I did anything spectacular, it was just some steady “fairway” golf. It was a great confidence booster going into the season.

As the weather started to make a turn for the better, I seemed to find myself in a bit of a slump. I think I struggled with the high expectations of some low early season rounds, and started to have too many (and probably the wrong) swing thoughts while on the course. After a couple weeks where my game seemed to spiral downwards, I had a lesson with our golf coach, Fred Teno.

The best part about Fred’s approach with me is that he keeps it so simple. We watched a video of my swing and it was frightening to see how flat it had become, which resulted in slicing the ball. With a few simple tips, and some practice on the range, I was in a much better and upright position — I even started hitting some baby draws! Within a few weeks of the lesson I was hitting the ball about 2 clubs further. This put me in some very interesting places on the golf course while I was trying to adjust, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

Beth at Calgary Golf and Country Club 9th hole

The lesson was a turning point for me. It gave me the momentum to change my game right from the tee to green. Although the scoring didn’t come right away (isn’t putting the hardest part sometimes?), I could definitely feel my overall game improving. Eventually everything came together and I’m happy to report that I shot my personal best of 75 (4 over par) in July.

This year it became a regular occurrence to break 80, and it involved a shift in my mind to realize that I should be doing it on a regular basis — not just once in a while.. My progress was also reflected in my handicap. My index over the course of the season went from an 8.4 to a 5.7, which is a 32% improvement. Because of this I won the Most Improved Award in the Ladies Section at our Club, which was very exciting.

Although I’ve made some big strides this year, I’m excited for a little break during the off-season to set some goals for next year. I already know that it will include improving my short game, specifically chipping and bunker play. In the meantime I’m looking forward to having some weekends where Josh and I can play badminton, do some snowshoeing on the golf course once the snow flies, and stay warm and cozy inside while cooking up some tasty food.

Happy golfing to those of you that still are, and happy off-season to the rest of you!


15 thoughts on “Introducing a New Contributor – Beth’s Year-In-Review

  1. Hi Beth,

    Welcome (officially) to the blog! Your support, feedback and job as chief editor has always made you an important part of the blog, but your direct input as a contributor is going to add a very important dimension, and if you keep improving at this rate you may get to scratch before I do 😉

    P.S. Comments are enabled now…oops!


  2. Great post! Congrats on your hole-in-one and best score! This post has really encouraged me to take up a few lessons. Hope to hear more from you soon, Beth! 🙂

    PS: Spyglass looks gorgeous!

    1. Hi TGG,
      Lessons have made a huge difference in my game so I think it’s a good idea to go for it! Thanks for the comment, I will definitely be posting more.
      P.S. Spyglass IS gorgeous!

  3. Very nice hearing from you Beth. I enjoyed the post and look forward to reading more. Belated congrats on your marriage and hole in one this year!


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