Review: Black Mountain Golf Club

Black Mountain Golf Club is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, in the heart of the beautiful Okanagan region. As I’ve mentioned before, golf in the Okanagan is one of the many awesome things that attracts visitors to this region. The wineries, orchards, lakes, beaches and stunning landscape are no slouch either.

I played Black Mountain with my brother-in-law, Matt, who was the only other person on the Kelowna trip dedicated enough to get up with the birds and squeeze in an early round of golf before attending a wedding. Turned out Black Mountain was a popular choice for wedding-goers, as the early morning proved to be quite busy with people who had the same idea as us.

In a region where golf can be pricey, Black Mountain comes in at a fairly reasonable price point — $93 including a cart on a Saturday. Walking the course isn’t an option, so it’s nice that they roll the price of the cart into the green fee to avoid any surprises at check-in. Our first impression of the property was pretty good — nice views, modern clubhouse with a rustic feel, and friendly staff.

They do not have a driving range, but there are a couple of putting greens located on your way to the 1st tee, as well as two nets set up where you can hit balls into. Not the ideal way to warm-up, but if there isn’t a driving range, this is much better than your first swing of the day being on the 1st tee.

Black Mountain Golf Club hitting nets

The front 9 starts off with a short par-4 and goes on to provide several unique, challenging and scenic holes. The opening tee shot:

Black Mountain Golf Club 1st hole

My favorite stretch of holes at Black Mountain starts at the fun par-4 5th hole, which features their signature island green, and continues through to the risk-reward par-5 8th hole. The tee shot at the 5th requires something less than driver to get you in the fairway for your approach to the challenging island green.

Black Mountain Golf Club 5th hole

Once you’re in the fairway, you’re left with a short iron or wedge shot to the large, undulating island green, where distance control is very important. A view of the approach to the 5th green from just over 100 yards:

Black Mountain Golf Club Island Green

As you make your way up to the par-5 8th tee, you get another look at the signature island green on your right. They should really consider removing that tree for the sake of photos!

Black Mountain Golf Club 5th and 6th holes

The 8th hole is a demanding tee shot, but if you’re bold enough to stripe one down the fairway with a driver, you’ll be left with a very good chance to reach the par-5 in two shots. Matt proved that it is also possible to play it off the left hill, which is out of bounds, and come back down to the golf course.

The golf course reaches its peak on the front nine, but there are still some nice holes to be played on the back 9. The par-3 11th hole is no exception:

Black Mountain Golf Club 11th hole

As you make your way into the trees after the 12th hole, several of the holes started to feel the same to me. Flipping back through my photos it was hard to visually distinguish between them. As a first-timer at the course, I was a bit stumped trying to figure out how the architect intended these holes to be played. Visually, it wasn’t as clear as many of the holes that preceded. I imagine these holes getting better as you become familiar with them and know what to expect.

The par-3 17th hole:

Black Mountain Golf Club 17th hole

Overall, Matt and I enjoyed our time out at Black Mountain, particularly Matt who managed to get his money back from the previous day. We were paired up with a very nice couple and enjoyed a brisk pace on the front, playing in under 2 hours. Things slowed down on the back 9 since they started groups off the 1st and 10th tees that morning, but overall we got around in well under 4.5 hours, which helped us get to the wedding on time. They had a conveniently located snack-shack at the turn, where I picked up a fresh chocolate chip muffin nearly the size of my head.

Black Mountain Golf Club did a great job of scratching our itch for early morning golf on a busy weekend in Kelowna. They provided us many challenging, scenic, and interesting holes to play, got us around in reasonable time, and provided superb playing conditions from tee to green. Throw in a reasonable price relative to other options in the area, and Black Mountain Golf Club provides a fun golfing experience for your dollar.

Happy golfing!


6 thoughts on “Review: Black Mountain Golf Club

  1. I’d like to point out that my errant tee shot on the par 5, was actually just a brilliant strategic shot to lull you into a sense of comfort in the match ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Interesting review! Personally to me the front nine feels crammed while the back nine has lots of potential. Unfortunately you are right when you say the whole back feels similar. Still one of the best bang for your bucks in Kelowna, which can often be pricey

    1. Thanks Drew. I can see what you mean about the front. I found that on a couple holes, but liked the visual and strategic appeal. Back definitely has potential, and a few solid holes. I could see it getting better the more you play it.


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