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I love that the days of overly baggy golf shirts and pleated khakis are behind us, well, most of us. As much as it makes for humorous photos to look back on, the golf apparel game has changed, and for the good. Golf apparel companies are trying to carve out their own niche of style and performance — some more successful than others. It is providing golfers increased opportunity to find their own style and make a statement. As I started to discover with my first review of Peak Performance golf apparel, the Amuri Polo review, Peak Performance is one of those companies successfully carving a unique place in golf apparel that I can get on board with.

Peak Performance Golf apparel panmore polo

When a balmy Monday rolled around, I figured that a good way to avoid the Monday blues would be to head to the golf course. It dawned on me that it would also be a great time to test out another piece of Peak Performance apparel. I was on a roll with great ideas, so I took the outfit that my wife handed me, which included the Panmore Striped Polo, and we were off to the golf course.

Peak performance golf apparel

I didn’t quite get off to the hot start that I did in the Amuri Polo. In fact, I made double bogey on my first hole, but boldly marched forward. I still looked good and felt good, so playing good was surely to follow. I kept my nose to the grindstone and turned things around. Despite a slow start, I played another good round and even edged out my round in the Amuri Polo by one shot, not that I’m keeping track. Another warm and “clammy” day put moisture management to the test, but I remained feeling fresh. The Panmore Striped Polo was a light and sporty feeling shirt, with a classy look that performed well.

Peak performance golf apparel panmore poloThe Low-Down

Model size (me): 5’11” 190 lbs
Size worn: Large
Fabric: 100% Polyester with odour control treatment
Retail cost: $75 CAD

Paired with

Hat – Peak Performance adjustable in a stunning atomic blue (I think)
Belt – Peak Performance webbed polyester one size fits all
Shorts – Peak Performance “Dave”, size 34 (review coming soon)

Final Thoughts

The Panmore striped polo comes in at a great price point. It feels like a $100+ golf shirt that just happens to be on sale for 25% off. I am starting to see a trend that Peak Performance sizing in general is smaller than what many would be used to, so a size up from your current golf attire would definitely be required. The large fits me quite well, but if I were ever to fall into a habit of too many post-round beers, I might need an XL. The sleeves are a bit shorter than some typical golf shirts, but it’s not restrictive.

Peak Performance Golf apparel With one successful Peak Performance “odour free” experiment already under my belt, I fearlessly smelled my shirt after the round and was not at all appalled, making it two for two. Look how happy my wife looks–not only do I look dapper, but she is still willing to be somewhat close to me after walking 18 holes in the sun.

The Panmore striped polo adds to my excitement about the Peak Performance brand establishing themselves in the golf market. The style, performance, and culture is unique, while not sacrificing anything for quality. Although the “look good, feel good, play good” motto may not technically be the Peak Performance motto, you can certainly live it while wielding their gear.

You can visit the Peak Performance Canada page to view the entire Peak Performance apparel collection and fine some gear for yourself.

Happy golfing!


5 thoughts on “Peak Performance Golf Apparel – Panmore Striped Polo

  1. Aloha Josh,

    You’re looking sharp there buddy! (Of course having a beautiful woman standing beside you doesn’t hurt either.)

    Welcome to the “simple life” – just put on whatever she hands you and go have fun. Life is good.

    Congratulations on the come back. I like my double early in the round. I almost always have one. If I step onto the 18th tee without a double on the card, I do feel pressured.

    A Hui Hou,

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