Peak Performance Golf Apparel – Amuri Polo Review

When I heard that Peak Performance was expanding into the Canadian golf scene, I couldn’t help but feel intrigued. The high-end apparel company originally based in Sweden has made a name for themselves with their technical outdoor adventure gear, and is now looking poised and determined to leave their mark in the highly competitive, ever-evolving golf industry.

With company values such as Passion, Togetherhood, and Winning Spirit, it couldn’t help but make me feel inspired to wield their logo on the golf course with those words resonating in my mind. I am a big advocate of the “look good, feel good, play good” philosophy, and the Peak Performance polos achieve just that.

Peak Performance Golf Apparel - Amuri Polo

When a hot and humid Friday afternoon rolled around here in Calgary, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to head to the course and start testing out some of their gear. With three newly acquired golf polos to choose from, I started with the atomic blue Amuri polo on a suggestion from my wife (never doubt your wife’s apparel suggestions, fellas, they are always right).

I started my preparation for the round in typical fashion — applying some sunscreen in the locker room. Naturally, I got sunscreen on my sleeves and all over the collar, but was pleased that it wiped off easy and didn’t leave any residue.

I then headed to the driving range to get my game and body warmed up for the round, and immediately broke out into a sweat out in the hot and humid conditions. The shirt would show the odd drop of sweat, but dried very quickly and I never appeared to be sweaty, and you can take my word for it that I most definitely was.

With positive vibes resonating in my mind such as “peak performance” and “winning spirit”, I got off to a hot start. The first hole in the new gear — I birdied. I went on to make three birdies in my first seven holes and played a solid round of golf, and if I can say so myself, looked pretty darn good while doing it.

Peak Performance Golf Polo

Peak Performance Golf Apparel Review

The Low-Down

Model size (me): 5’11” 190 lbs
Size worn: Large
Fabric: 100% Polyester with odour control treatment
Retail cost: $100 CAD

Paired with

Hat – Peak Performance adjustable
Belt – Peak Performance webbed polyester one size fits all
Shorts – Peak Performance “Dave”, size 34 (review coming soon)

Final thoughts

The Amuri polo isn’t your typical golf shirt. It’s a versatile shirt that looks and performs well on the golf course, and doesn’t force you to pack a change of clothes if you’re headed to the pub or a backyard BBQ afterwards. It’s a smaller fitting shirt throughout, so a size up from your current attire may be required. It’s not as long as most golf shirts, which makes it an easy transition to a more casual look, while still being long enough to stay tucked in on the golf course. IMG_5060 (1)

I don’t make a habit of smelling the arm pits of my golf shirts after a hot and humid day on the course, or any day for that matter, but I couldn’t help but investigate the legitimacy of the “odour free” claim. I started with a small whiff (just in case), and slowly progressed to some pretty significant whiffs and I’ll tell you what, the shirt still smelled like new. If you’re like me, you don’t always have time to shower and change after squeezing in as many holes as you can before having somewhere else to be, so this is the next best thing to fool everyone into thinking you’re fresh.

If I had to sum up my first impression of the Peak Performance brand in one word — quality. The shirt has a durable feel to it and, being polyester, won’t shrink in the washer. Only time will tell how durable the Amuri polo will prove to be, but if I had to venture a guess, it’ll hold strong in my regular rotation for many seasons to come.

By now you’re probably wondering, where can I get one for myself?

You can visit the Peak Performance Canada page to view the entire Peak Performance apparel collection and get some for yourself.


Check back soon for more Peak Performance apparel reviews.

Happy golfing!


11 thoughts on “Peak Performance Golf Apparel – Amuri Polo Review

    1. Linley,

      It is certainly worth a try. Good quality stuff. I’ve got some more items I will be reviewing in the near future. Thanks for the comment my friend!


  1. Aloha Josh,

    That is a sharp looking shirt – and model. I will have to look into Peak performance.

    And I am glad to see that at an early age you have learned that the wife is always right about clothing. Just put on what she hands you and live a simpler life.

    A Hui Hou,

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