Review: Penticton Golf and Country Club

Penticton Golf and Country Club is a semi-private golf course located in the south Okanagan region of British Columbia, in the community of Penticton. The Okanagan is known for beautiful lakes, beaches, orchards, wineries, and you guessed it, golf courses. Penticton Golf and Country Club is a great example of why golf is a big attraction in the Okanagan.

The club was first founded in 1922 with a 9-hole course, and has evolved over the years to what is now a fun and charming 6100 yard, par 70 layout. It may look tame on the scorecard, but the course should not be underestimated. It is a flat, narrow, traditional style layout lined with tall, mature trees and plenty of water to keep you on your toes. The design puts a premium on course management and accuracy, while offering a variety of different holes to keep you stimulated.

The rough is kept lush which makes distance control difficult. Hitting fairways is a must if you want good looks at birdie. The green complexes are sneaky tough and strategically protected with bunkers, making it difficult to aim at certain pins even with a short iron or wedge in your hand.

The approach to the par-4 2nd green:

Penticton Golf and Country Club Hole 2

The par-3 3rd hole:

Penticton Golf and Country Club 3rd hole

The approach to the difficult par-4 4th hole:

Penticton Golf and Country Club 4th hole

The approach to the short par-4 8th hole:

Penticton Golf and Country Club 8th hole

Looking back from the par-4 12th green:

Penticton Golf and Country Club 12th hole

The par-3 13th green:

Penticton Golf and Country Club 13 green

Tee shot on the narrow, dogleg right par-4 17th hole:

Penticton Golf and Country Club 17th hole

My wife and I were both thrilled with our experience at Penticton Golf and Country Club. We were fortunate to be paired with a couple of very nice members, Paul and Richard, who were a pleasure to play with and did a great job of showing us around the course. If I was forced to complain about one thing, some of the green-side bunkers were a bit firm and shy on sand, not that I’m speaking from experience.

I felt a strong sense of pride from the members and staff upon our arrival and throughout the entire day. We couldn’t have felt more comfortable and welcomed at the course. Throw in very reasonable green fees ($61 walking), a beautiful clubhouse, perfect Okanagan weather, great conditions and delicious food, and I was an extremely happy customer. As a post-round chicken wing connoisseur, I can vouch that their buffalo wings are as good as any.

The clubhouse patio overlooking the golf course:

Penticton Golf and Country Club

Penticton Golf and Country Club has it figured out. They offer up fun golf in great conditions, at a reasonable price, in a friendly, welcoming, and professional atmosphere. Did I mention the buffalo wings are awesome?

A lot of golf courses could learn a thing or two from the Penticton Golf and Country Club. Until they do, I won’t hesitate to return anytime I’m in the south Okanagan. It is a must play in the area.

Happy golfing!



6 thoughts on “Review: Penticton Golf and Country Club

  1. Aloha Josh,

    I like it. This looks to be a perfect day on a fun golf course. Did I count right, there are four greens approached over water? Just out of curiosity, how much are golf balls in the pro shop?

    The balls I have are apparently Sea Creatures – they head for the water or beach every chance they get. Or perhaps I am just getting more aggressive.

    Get on a course and have FUN.

    A Hui Hou,

    1. Aloha Wayne,

      It sure was a fun day on a great golf course. I believe there are actually 12 holes with water in play on that course — didn’t get a chance to check the price of balls in the pro shop, luckily only one of mine decided to go for a swim!

      It couldn’t hurt to try some new balls out, find some that are grass dwelling creatures. Preferably short grass.


    1. Jim,

      Thanks! I feel fortunate to have a place like the Okanagan a drive away. It’s a great place for a golf trip, with a lot to do in between rounds!


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