The Masters: So much more than a golf tournament 

A 21 year old Tiger Woods stands on the 18th green of Augusta National, dawning a red sweater with a giddy yet focused smile on his face. He goes through his usual putting routine and brushes in a 3-footer to secure his 12-stroke victory over the field and win his first major — the 1997 Masters. The youngest major champion in history embraces with his Dad, and a star is born. A lifetime of hard work and dedication has paid off. It inspired millions, and maybe even changed them forever.

112314tigerwoodsI was no exception. As an impressionable, keen, 13 year old golfer, I had my first memorable awe moment watching this achievement take place at The Masters. I was eternally inspired.

The Masters is more than just a golf tournament. It’s a source of inspiration for golfers across the globe. It brings people together and instils a sense of tradition. It’s where the champions of old gather, share their stories, and bring in the stars of today.

It’s the time for friends and family to gather in a living room on Sunday afternoon in April to witness history in the making, and reminisce about history already made.

Whether I was watching The Masters with my Dad as a kid, by myself in college instead of studying for final exams, or now with my wife, memories are formed that last a lifetime. The tradition, passion, pressure and excitement that The Masters brings is unprecedented in sports.

Masters Week officially marks the beginning of Spring for most of us. Whether the tarps are being taken off the greens at your home course, or you’re seeing azaleas bloom, The Masters is the start of something special.

Golfers everywhere are full of hope and promise for the upcoming season. First time contestants in The Masters are realizing their childhood dreams, while others look to solidify themselves in the record books. The majority of us are just excited to live vicariously through them.

As the new Masters champion is crowned, golfers across the world will be inspired to etch memories in their own golf history books. Every putting green and living room in the nation will, for a moment, turn into the 18th green at Augusta National on that special Sunday in April.

Happy Masters Week.


5 thoughts on “The Masters: So much more than a golf tournament 

  1. Josh

    You hit the nail on the head! The Masters is the start of golf season for us north of the border and a sense of excitement of what is to come. This weekend, I will be watching all the action and cheering on my favorites.

    How do you thing Mike Weir will do this weekend. Make the cut….or not?


    1. Thanks, Jim. I will most certainly be doing the same! I will be pulling for Weirsy, but his play of late makes me uncertain. Hopefully Augusta will rekindle some fond memories for him. What do you think?


  2. Totally agree on the ’97 Masters. I was 12 and I remember it like yesterday! It made me want to play professionally. While that didn’t work out by a long shot, I still have fond memories. I even got to go to Augusta for a practice round that year. I have cherished every time I walked on those grounds.

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