Golf Course Rating System Improved and Explained

I’ve decided to improve my golf course rating system with a new category, Fun/Playability. Obviously having fun is the most important component of golf, and as such deserves its own category.

Below are the five categories I will use to rate each golf course moving forward, and the questions I ask myself while determining a fair and honest rating in each of the categories:

Course Design/Layout (out of 10)

Do the holes appear well thought out?
Are there a variety of holes?
Does it challenge you to think, hit different shots, and use all faucets of your game?
Is it walkable?

Fun/Playability (out of 10)

Was the course fun and fair?
Would it be fun and playable for the average golfer?
Are there appropriate tee boxes for golfers of all skill levels?

Service (out of 10)

How do the staff treat golfers?
Are there amenities such as beverage carts or food stands, and are they efficient?
Do they have practice facilities?
Do they do anything extra to enhance your experience?

Conditions (out of 10)

Was the course in good condition overall?
Did the course look good?
Did the greens roll smoothly?
Were the bunkers maintained and consistent?

Value (out of 10)

Did I get what I paid for?
Are things such as pull carts and warm-up balls included in your green fee?

I would love to hear what you think about this improved rating system. My new course reviews going forward will utilize the new system, and I will be working in the coming days to revise all of my past reviews to better represent what each golf course has to offer.

Happy golfing!


7 thoughts on “Golf Course Rating System Improved and Explained

  1. Josh, love it. Good sensible metrics are great for comparison shoppers. I would recommend keeping it as simple as possible because I’ve found when you play a lot of courses in a row, recalling data can get confusing. You’d better have a good memory or take excellent notes! I use a similar rating system and still need to write things down in the evening after every round even after taking a ton of pics.

    Speaking of pics, you take some of the best in the business and I enjoyed the many course shots you shared from your recent trip. It really adds to your already excellent reviews.



    1. Brian,

      Thanks for your positive feedback, I really appreciate it! I definitely agree about keeping it simple. Since reviews rarely get written right after the round, it takes a good memory. I can’t remember what I wore yesterday, but luckily I have a good golf memory. Keeping scorecards (and yardage books if available), taking lots of pictures and some notes also helps a lot. Keeping it simple and concise is also good for the reader.

      Also happy to hear you like my photos! I just try and select shots that capture the essence of the course the best, yet not so many to “spoil” the course for first timers.


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