Golf is Mental Hits the Road #2 – The Countdown

We’re now just inside of ten days until hitting the road on our amazing three month journey. Inside the ten day window before a trip always seems like a whirlwind of unproductive shenanigans for me. It’s that window where much of the planning is complete and you still have a few errands to take care of, but mostly you’re just going through the motions and killing time until that moment you can finally put everything in a suitcase and head out.

Time at work is mostly spent researching your upcoming destinations and gazing at the photos of beautiful scenery that you’ll soon be taking pictures of yourself. Or looking up new must-try restaurants along your journey and fantasizing about what you might order. And of course, daydreaming about all the shots you’re going to hit on the amazing golf courses along the way.

As we approach, our schedule has been refined slightly. We’re so fortunate to have so many places to stay and people to visit along the way, which kind of determines the “loop” we’re doing in January, and the places we re-visit. I’m sure once Beth reads this she’ll inform me I’m all mixed up on dates, but I’ll take a crack at it.

Dec 16-18: Las Vegas, NV
Dec 19-21: Lake Havasu, AZ
Dec 22-31: Palm Desert, CA
Dec 31 – Jan 1: Los Angeles, CA
Jan 2-8: San Diego, CA
Jan 9-12: Tucson, AZ
Jan 13-18: Phoenix, AZ
Jan 19-22: Lake Havasu, AZ
Jan 22-30: Palm Desert, CA
Jan 30- 31: Los Angeles, CA

February/March: Head up the coast! Monterey peninsula, San Fran, Sonoma/Napa, Bandon, Portland

I’m very excited to post travel and golf updates along the way…we have some great courses lined up!

Tick, tock, tick, tock……


Happy golfing!


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  1. Awesomeness. Cordevalle where the PGA played last year (this year they went to Napa but the tour comes back in a few years), is just south of San Jose in Northern California off of route 1 if you get a chance FYI. Really nice.

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