Review: Blue Devil Golf Club

Blue Devil Golf Club is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It’s the youngest course in the city, opening their fairways in August of 2012.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from such a young golf course, but I was pleasantly surprised upon my arrival. Their clubhouse is beautiful and their setup and operations are more mature than you’d expect from a 2 year old course.

The course itself is quite open, comprised of undulating fairways with well thought out contours and deep, “devilish” bunkers. The large greens have a lot of slope and are well protected by bunkers, runoffs, and some water, putting a premium on solid approach shots.

The trees are still very small and don’t really factor in yet. The deep grass off the fairways can serve up some punishing lies, but also draws some good ones. The course as I played it is a long hitters dream. You can be very aggressive off the tee and as long as you’re avoiding those deep bunkers, it’s hard to get into too much trouble for the most part. If they ever decided to bulk up that long grass, it could be a different story.

The course can play over 7200 yards from the tips, but a good selection of tee boxes makes it playable for everyone. It offers a large practice range with grass tees, a practice bunker and a putting green located conveniently next to the first tee.

Blue devil putting green

The view from the par 4 1st tee:

Blue Devil 1st hole

The approach shot on the par 4 3rd hole:

Blue Devil 3rd hole

The driveable par 4 6th hole:

Blue Devil 6th hole

The approach shot on the par 4 11th hole:

Blue Devil 11th hole

The par 3 12th hole:

Blue devil 12th hole

The tee shot on the par 4 finishing hole:

Blue Devil 18th hole

Overall I was very impressed with the condition of the course. A day prior to playing, Calgary had just endured a significant rain and snowstorm stretched over 3 days where 30 cm of snow and 20 mm of rain had fallen. Yet, the greens at Blue Devil were still firm and very fast. The fairways were also in perfect shape and not nearly as soggy as you’d expect them to be after precipitation like that.

We stopped in for a beer afterwards and the restaurant had a nice pub like feel to it which I enjoyed. The chicken wings I snacked on were very good, and I liked the local beers on tap.

If I had to gripe about something, it might be the cost. Although $89 to walk isn’t totally unreasonable in the Calgary market, I have an issue being nickle and dimed on top of that for basic things like warm-up balls. I expect this at your average course, but I think Blue Devil wants to be more than just an average course in Calgary, so I expect more from them.

I strongly feel that any golf course trying to put themselves in the upper echelon should not be charging their players extra to warm up for their round. It’s all part of the process of a round of golf and should always be included in your green fee. Paying an extra fee to fumble with range balls on your way down there feels like amateur hour. It’s a small detail, but can make a big difference to the overall experience and feel of the course.

If that is my only complaint, they’re doing pretty good for themselves so far. Blue Devil Golf Club is a good facility that has great potential as it matures and makes minor tweaks. I definitely recommend trying it out for yourself.

Happy golfing!


  2 comments for “Review: Blue Devil Golf Club

  1. September 20, 2014 at 9:48 am

    Great review, Josh. I’ve played Blue Devil a few times and found it to be a great challenge with great conditions.

    You’re right about charging for range balls. The extra costs give courses a bad reputation.

    • September 20, 2014 at 10:12 am


      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the review! The course is certainly a fun challenge. I appreciate the comment


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