The Road to Scratch Update: New Territory

Well, I’ve officially entered new territory.

1 Entrance (Medium)

No, not New Territory in Sugar Land, Texas. Sorry if I got your hopes up.

I’ve entered new territory with my handicap index and busted below the 4 index barrier for the first time since I’ve officially tracked my handicap. My current index is now 3.9 on the heels of a good round this past Wednesday.

I had my second round match in the season long match play event at the club. I had to spot my opponent 12 shots which felt like a lot, but I knew I couldn’t think about that and just had to go out and play. We decided on the first hole that we’d finish out our putts even if a hole had been conceded, just for the extra practice and to play a legitimate handicap round. After all, the match play events are supposed to be fun and friendly and an opportunity to play with new people and get in some friendly competition.

Having said that, I am obviously still hungry to try and crush any opponent that comes my way, in a friendly way.

We were even through the first 8 holes and I had played decent, but a bit sloppy. I made four pars and four bogeys, three of which were the result of 3-putts. After the 8th, however, I seemed to find something.

I played the last 10 holes in 1-under and was bogey free. I closed out the match on the 15th hole, but we played out the last three holes and I ended up shooting a pretty respectable 73 on the day. I was pretty proud of how I managed to tighten up my game after a bit of a sloppy start. It was by no means perfect, but when I did hit bad shots I managed to scramble well and make those timely par putts that really hold good rounds together and keep them going.

It was especially satisfying to bounce back from Tuesday’s round where I struggled to find the golf course, shooting 84 even with a birdie on the last hole. A good reminder that yesterday’s performance good or bad, is just that, yesterday’s performance.

That’s all for now. I’m not in Texas, but I am in new territory.

Happy golfing!


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