Golf Lesson #4: Swing Check-Up and Short Game

Beth and I had our fourth lesson with Fred this past Monday and continued to work on our game. I wanted Fred to have another look at my iron game quickly, but was mostly focused on starting to work on my short game as the majority of my lost strokes this spring have been inside 100 yards.

I was pleasantly surprised that Fred was very pleased how my swing has progressed. My setup drastically improved and everything was square to my target. He thought everything looked good overall, but wanted me to work on quieting my leg action a little bit. He watched me hit several good shots and a couple that weren’t quite flush and a little left (a push for me). He noted that my transition at the top was a bit quick on those misses, so I am also working on keeping my rhythm.

Beth worked on her driver for the first time, and after one simple setup tip regarding her spine angle, she started crushing it out there with a higher more powerful ball flight. It’s incredible how important the setup is.

After a half hour on the range we headed to the short game area. Neither one of us had ever had a short game lesson so we were eager to get some feedback on even the most basic of chips. Fred got us to hit some basic chips to see our technique. He was actually quite pleased with our technique and our thought processes when we approached our chips. He got Beth to put a bit more weight on her front foot while chipping which helped her make cleaner contact.

We hardly made any changes to our chipping techniques yet it was amazing how productive it felt for a pro to validate something you’re doing. It does wonders for the confidence to know you’re on the right track or doing the right things, and confidence is key to a good short game.

The bunkers were a different story. Our bunker games were a bit rough around the edges but Fred had some great advice for both of us. He got my club face opened up a bit more and changed the path I swing the club since I was taking it too far inside for a bunker shot.

We saw some drastic improvements after spending time practicing. A lot of it is just feel, and having the confidence to always accelerate through the sand.

The next day we got to put some of our changes and practice to use out on the course. I was pretty happy how I was hitting it. I only found myself in one green side bunker for the round but got it up and down from the short side utilizing some new skills I learned in the lesson. I couldn’t possibly have scored worse on the front 9 but things came around on the back 9 and I tallied a 77. A definite improvement from the weekend where I went 85-81.

Beth started to hit it well also and really crushed some drives out there. Her scoring started out a bit rusty as well but improved throughout the round and overall was pleased with an 83 for only her third round of the season.

As always it’s important to stay patient in golf, but it’s especially true in the spring when you’re still working on a few kinks and knocking the rust off.

I’m off on a boys golf trip/bachelor party this weekend. Will be playing 3 rounds of golf near Cranbrook, British Columbia which I’m looking forward to. So there will be some great course reviews being posted soon, and hopefully updates on some stellar scoring!

Happy golfing!


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