Post Masters Blues and the Arrival of Spring

With all the anticipation and build up to The Masters, it always seems to come and go so quickly. Monday morning after The Masters is a tough one. No scores to look up, no streaming, no coverage to look forward to. No more hype as to who will dawn the green jacket this year. There is definitely a void.

The Masters hardly ever disappoints, but this years back 9 didn’t quite live up to the dramatic expectations. This time it was the front 9 that took center stage and provided most of the drama. Freddy birdied the first 2 holes and jumped right in the mix, and with a couple of great par saves to follow we thought for a moment it might just be possible. Rickie came out of the gate with a birdie. Kuch chipped in on 3 for birdie. Speith holed out from the bunker on 4 for birdie, not to be outdone by Bubba’s birdie. They threw birdies at each other again on the 6th hole. Speith seized the lead and almost looked invincible through 7 holes with another birdie. Then his magic faded, too.

No eagles on 13 or 15 and no late birdie runs by the chasers this year. There weren’t the signature back 9 roars that we’re accustomed to. You get the idea, if you’re reading a golf blog you probably watched it for yourself. Bubba still had to play solid golf down the stretch to win, but the chasers definitely made it a lot easier on him.

At moments on Sunday I wished the Masters could last forever. I wished that guys could replay the back 9 and someone could mount a charge. However, The Masters is special, and like anything special it doesn’t last forever and keeps you wanting more. As The Masters comes to a close other opportunities are on the horizon. The end of The Masters also means that spring is here and golf season is about to start, at least in Calgary. The driving range at the Country Club is scheduled to open late this week and courses around the city are starting to open their tee sheets.

Spring is an exciting time for golfers. Starting on a clean slate with updated goals, a healthier and stronger body and maybe even some new equipment! What better way to curb your post Masters blues than to look ahead to an exciting new season of golf.

Personally I have a lot to look forward to. I’ll be a member at a course for the first time since my time spent working at golf courses back in the day. Having a regular place to play and practice is hard to beat as opposed to traveling around trying to squeeze on to busy tee sheets. Or paying $15 for a bucket of balls to hit off of beat up mats at a busy range each time you want to get some practice in.

I’m also looking forward to having additional tournament opportunities by being able to participate in club events. It’s good for the soul and for the golf game to meet and play golf with new people in competitive and fun settings. I dabbled in some tournaments last year for the first time since my young junior days and loved it. I look forward to doing it more this year and gaining more experience.

The great thing about life is that each day is a new opportunity, especially in golf. Yesterday it was all about Bubba. Today everyone is already looking ahead to the next tournament, the next major, who will be the next champion. Bubba is already yesterday’s champion. Moments of glory are fleeting in golf and in life, people always look ahead to what’s next or who is next. So why shouldn’t the low moments be fleeting too. As for my post Masters blues, they’re gone now, and I can’t wait for what lies ahead.

Today I’m excited about spring.

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