Golf is mental at Talking Rock

Embracing the spirit of the game

No matter why you play or where you play the game, consistently striking a golf ball towards your target with the distance, trajectory, and shape you want will never be easy. You'll inevitably face adversity, feel pressure, experience moments of doubt, and realize that every moment isn't always fun.  And I wouldn't want it any other way.

Shadow Mountain cranbrook 16th hole

Discovering scenic value in Kimberley/Cranbrook

One of my latest experiences was aimed to seek out the scenic value in the Kootenay region of British Columbia. This region features seven golf courses sprinkled around the charming towns of Kimberley and Cranbrook nestled between the Purcell and Rocky Mountain ranges. All seven of their golf courses are within a 24-minute drive of each other, which makes it a perfect spot for a filthy golf trip.

Gamble Sands 18th hole

Review: Gamble Sands

Gamble Sands was built in 2014 by the Gebbers family, who have been growing fruit in the region since 1900. They wanted to diversify their community, and even though they aren't big golfers themselves, they saw the value that golf can bring to a community. Turns out, they had perfect land for a golf course -- pure sand bluffs overlooking the Columbia River Valley.

Keith Cutten golf architect

A Casual 9, Episode 13: Keith Cutten

I am thrilled to introduce yet another budding Canadian golf course architect, Keith Cutten, on our Q&A series A Casual 9.  Keith has been partnered with his mentor, Rod Whitman, since 2007, and has also worked on an array of projects with architects Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw, and Jeff Mingay.  Keith established Cutten Golf Inc. in 2010 with a goal of creating fun, exciting, and strategic golf. His recently published book, The Evolution of Golf Course Design, takes a deep dive into the history of golf course architecture, and has quickly become a must-read for anyone with an interest in the craft. Please enjoy. 

Victoria Golf Club 7th hole

Make pressure your friend

No matter who we are or what we do, we all feel pressure at times. Whether it's on the golf course or at work or when you're the emcee at your friend's wedding reception and everyone is counting on you not to stink. Achieving anything in life will have some level of pressure associated with it, therefore pressure isn't something we should avoid, but rather something we should embrace.